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Re-writing scripts for better living

Welcome to {P}rescripion. Now retired after 40 years of experience as a surgeon, teacher and medical administrator, I am still discovering new information in healthcare, productivity and self improvement.

The world moves into 2021 with renewed hope and cheer from the prospect of seeing the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. In keeping with the spirit of the new normal, I have been working on some major changes to my monthly newsletter.

I feel the need to do more, to give greater value to my readers who have been so tremendously encouraging and supportive. I am also trying to bring down the costs of my efforts by using a new provider — Substack — which does a lot more, all free. Can’t beat that!

First of all, I am rebranding myself under the banner of {P}rescription. It will consist of two sections.

  1. Thinking-Teaching-Talking (TTT) will be subsumed under the new identity but will continue as before, with more content. It can be viewed at my personal website.

    TTT will be mailed to you at the beginning of every month.

  2. In view of my 4-decade long experience as a doctor, I will be launching a healthcare/ wellness/ productivity/ self-improvement - focused feature. You guessed it: it’s called {P}rescription. It consists of a bunch of short videos concerning a wide range of “HWPS” items that could be of interest and value to a well-informed audience like you.

    {P}rescription will be sent out in the middle of the month.

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