{P}rescription - Premiere

What's current and interesting in healthcare, wellness, productivity and self-improvement -- video features and a slidecast (podcast with slides)

It’s here, as promised. The premiere of {P}rescription. Four short videos that you will enjoy. And, if you make it to the bottom, a list of further reading on the featured items.

Could surgical procedures be merely placebos?

When we talk about placebos, we usually think of pills and tablets, maybe injections. But, surgery? That's hard to swallow. Dr Ian Harris, an orthopedic surgeon of repute, claims that over 50% of all operations performed are only placebos. There is no proof of efficacy. Could his contention be upheld?

Forget the gym membership; start walking instead

It's the time of year when we look at making ourselves better people. Filled with resolve, you decide to sign up for a gym membership. Stop. There's something much cheaper - -free in fact -- more effective and with you at all times: your feet and legs. Walking improves longevity, productivity and creativity. Get up and get going.

Functional Medicine: Treating patients as people, not diseases and organs

Despite its undeniable successes and contributions to our health and longevity, modern Medicine has a reputation for being cold, clinical and detached. Patients are humans first. They see life from a completely different point-of-view from doctors: from activities of daily living rather than organs and diseases. Functional Medicine has emerged as a response to this criticism. Although anchored in allopathic Medicine, It provides "living plans" for patients rather than just medications and interventions.

{P}rescription Slidecast - January 2021

The premiere. A quick talk-through of current and interesting topics in healthcare, wellness, productivity and self-improvement. Topics: | Psychic numbing | Food industry sponsored research | Self-learning algorithms and diagnostic imaging | Yes, masks do work | The Mediterranean diet pays off -- if you stick with it, totally | Morning weather and the day's mood.

Reading List:

  1. Ian Harris on “Surgery, the Ultimate Placebo”

  2. ‘It’s a superpower’: how walking makes us healthier, happier and brainier

  3. How Japanese people stay fit for life without ever attending a gym

  4. Why choose the center for Functional Medicine

  5. As COVID numbers rise, so does “Psychic Numbing”

  6. The characteristics and extent of food industry involvement in peer-reviewed research articles from 10 leading nutrition-related journals in 2018

  7. Self-learning algorithms analyze medical imaging data

  8. Widespread mask-wearing could prevent COVID-19 second waves: study

  9. Including unhealthy foods may diminish positive effects of an otherwise healthy diet

  10. Study explores the effects of morning weather on people's mood and wellbeing at work