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TTT - August 2021

  1. How finger counting gives away your nationality via

  2. The true costs of research and publishing (2019) via Hacker News

  3. When it comes to preparing for disaster there are 4 distinct types of people. Which one are you via The Conversation

  4. The Art of Not Taking Things Personally via Hacker News

  5. Your beliefs are much harder to justify than you think via Big Think Expert Ideas

  6. Deep, Slow Breathing: An Antidote to Our Age of Anxiety? via Discover Magazine

  7. Are cotton tote bags as good for the environment as we think? via The Independent-UK

  8. 4 lessons from the early pandemic that no longer apply via Vox - All

  9. On the Link Between Great Thinking and Obsessive Walking via

  10. The hand gestures that last longer than spoken languages via

  11. Psychologists say a good life doesn’t have to be happy, or even meaningful via Quartz

  12. That 'tip-of-the-tongue' feeling when a memory is elusive is more likely to happen in group via The Conversation

  13. We are effectively alone in the universe via Big Think Expert Ideas

  14. How to Remember What You Read via Farnam Street

  15. What’s it like living with a phenomenal memory and can it be learned? via Hacker News

  16. Buddha and Mind Hacker News

  17. Is space infinite? We asked 5 experts via The Conversation

  18. We read the 4000-page IPCC climate report so you don’t have to via Quartz

  19. As we listen to melodies, our brain guesses what's next via Big Think Expert Ideas