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TTT - July 2021

  1. What Irony Is Not (2020) via Hacker News

  2. The strange case of the dead-but-not-dead Tibetan monks via Big Think Expert Ideas

  3. This Can't Go On via

  4. The Fine Line Between Reality and Imaginary via

  5. Electrons May Very Well Be Conscious - Facts So Romantic via Nautilus

  6. The informal settlements reshaping the world | Jota Samper via TEDTalks (video)

  7. One reason people don’t listen to you (and how to easily fix it) via Fast Company

  8. The Five Types of Personal Boundaries (and How to Set Them) via Lifehacker

  9. Brain drain is a hidden tax on the countries left behind via The Conversation

  10. How every child can thrive by five | Molly Wright via TEDTalks (video)

  11. Your brain has limits. Here are some simple ways to extend your mind, according to science via Fast Company

  12. How to Have Deeper Conversations, With Ximena Vengoechea via Lifehacker

  13. Martin Turpin: ‘Bullshitting is human nature in its honest and naked form via The Guardian-International

  14. We’ll soon know more about our bodies than ever before – but are we ready? | via The Guardian-International

  15. Lee Ross and the “Fundamental Attribution Error”

  16. The Top 10 Ways to Stay Informed While Unplugging Your Life via MakeUseOf

  17. Plants that change our consciousness via Hacker News

  18. Stuck In A Rut? Sometimes Joy Takes A Little Practic via

  19. Now Is a Good Time to Revisit All the Studies That Show Bumping Into People at the Office Actually Doesn’t Boost Creativit via

  20. There never was a male fertility crisis via Big Think Expert Ideas