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TTT June 2021

  1. Why Success is really more Luck than Hard Work  via Linkedin

  2. Greed and the philosophy of wealth via Big Think Expert Ideas

  3. What is awe and where can you get more of it? via Boing Boing

  4. Follow this simple 5-step process to transform your luck to become more creative  via Fast Company

  5. Minimum Viable Self via Kneelingbus.substack

  6. The End of Reductionism Could Be Nigh. Or Not. - Facts So Romantic via Nautilus

  7. Fall Asleep Faster Using 'Cognitive Shuffling' via Lifehacker

  8. Do You Have an Inner Voice? Science Can’t Agree If Everyone Does via Discover Magazine

  9. 4 science-backed ways to identify and stop negative self-talk via Fast Company

  10. How to think clearly | Psyche Guides via Psyche

  11. How Hard is your Email to Say? via Dillonshook

  12. The Disturbing New Hybrid of Democracy and Autocracy via The Atlantic

  13. When Information Became Efficient via The Atlantic

  14. Is human consciousness creating reality? via Big Think Expert Ideas

  15. How many languages are there in the world? via Linguisticsociety

  16. 4 ways to have a positive experience when engaging with social media via The Conversation

  17. Just don’t do it: 10 exercise myths via The Guardian-International